Bangalore Mirror Article – Artist NB Gurung “…paints also to spread happiness

Sitting outside the old restored hall of Art Village, slouched over his phone, Narayan Bahadur Gurung seems quite out of place. Hailing from Nepal, this artist has been coming to India frequently but this is the first time to the city.

Inside the hall, his unframed watercolours hang in discordant harmony and the man responsible for bringing him to the city for first time, Sunil Baboo, is upbeat about the artist and the paintings. “A lot of collectors have shown interest,” he says, adding that one collector had just bought a painting but prefers to remain anonymous.

The paintings are priced not more than thirty thousand putting them in an affordable range. The mysterious purchase remains a mystery. Baboo is a collector as well and his personal collection has a couple of Gurung’s works which are prominently displayed in the hall decked with the equally prominent red sticker on them.