NB Gurung Art: Why Watercolour?

Nepalese artist NB Gurung is renowned for not only his love of watercolour but his innate talent for using this particular art medium.

What we find most fascinating about NB is that watercolour is reputedly one of the most difficult of artist’s media, yet his paintbrush always flows so effortlessly in creating his watercolour masterpieces (see Watercolour in 30 minutes).


Top of the World (Mt. Everest) – Watercolour

Watercolour is a notoriously difficult medium to use because mistakes cannot easily be remedied. Careful thought and preparation are necessary ingredients. When filming NB painting in watercolour in Kathmandu, Louise noticed that he lightly sketched out his picture with a pencil before he took brush to paper proving that an intent is vital.

Watercolour artist Alexander Cresswell states that watercolour is:

“Not a medium suitable for wooly undefined creativity which so often disguises lack of ideas. As a translucent medium every mark made is there for all to see, every thought, line and hesitation is visible, naked….So each must be carefully considered and not lamented when it goes wrong. Watercolour is a discipline, an unforgiving taskmaster. By contrast the results so hard-won are extremely rewarding, uplifting.

Watercolour is a challenge and a reward, it is noble and peculiarly British, it can be delicate, historically impermanent but today’s paints are light-fast, it is beautifully simple in its ingredients and simply beautiful in its use. Watercolour deserves a higher place in the firmament of art.”


Pakistan Watercolor Biennale – Watercolour on Handmade Indian Paper

Learning that watercolour is, amongst artists, a somewhat feared medium, only makes us have even more respect for NB’s paintings (as if that was even possible!) It blows us away just how quickly this leading Nepalese artist can conjure up his paintings – now that ladies and gentlemen is natural talent!

Watch the video to find out more about NB Gurung here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7up9Ke4u5Ek