Quality Giclée Prints

All prints come with a Certificate of Authenticity

Prints from £50 plus postage

Our exquisite Giclée prints are professionally produced by Sustainable Print an extremely well-respected local company. Each print varies in size according to the size of the original, is produced on Fine Art paper and is hand finished. All prints are sold unframed. Please allow two weeks from order to receipt as each print is ordered individually

High Quality Giclée Prints

The word Giclée (g-clay) derives from the French verb gicler meaning ‘to squirt or spray’, and is used to describe a fine art digital printing process combining pigment based inks with high quality quality paper to achieve Giclée prints of superior archival quality, light, fastness and stability

The printing process

The Giclée printing process involves squirting or spraying microscopic dots of pigment-based ink onto high quality art paper or canvas. The image is colour corrected to attain the closest possible match to the original work. The digital information is fine tuned to the type of paper or surface onto which the image is to be printed, further ensuring fidelity to the original and superb quality