NB Gurung

Welcome friends to my first blog – NB Gurung Nepalese Artist

Welcome friends to my first blog of the new, exciting website. I am looking forward to sharing my adventures with you all.

My art is a true representation of what I am feeling and my emotional connections to everything around me – to me art is the most powerful form of communication. I can express myself through colour, shapes and different forms in an evocative way to share the beauty I see in the universe.

I truly believe that exceptional works of art make this universe a better place in which to live and that art provides positivity for the soul. Expressing myself through my work gives me a true sense of knowing myself on a deeper level and also makes me appreciate the world around me.

Painting has always been my passion, and since it became my livelihood it has given me the opportunity to enhance not only my life but also the life of my family here in Nepal. Working with Annie and her team has given me a truly professional platform from which to showcase my works on a level that would have otherwise been very challenging.

I have recently returned from a very exciting project entitled Kathmandu to Kashi in India – a cultural exchange art exhibition by Nepali artists – which I have been jointly responsible for organising and co-ordinating. I shall be sharing upcoming events and projects with you in my future blogs. I look forward to sharing my pieces across the UK and beyond and am extremley excited about the start of this journey